Customer success leader Gainsight Unveils Horizon AI

Marketing Automation

Gainsight, the Customer Success company, today announced the launch of Horizon AI at its Pulse for Product Conference. With this announcement, Gainsight becomes the only Customer Success platform that can apply the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to 8+ years of usage, engagement, activity, satisfaction and retention data from 1000+ companies, giving businesses the ability to take smarter Customer Success actions and to correlate the impact of Customer Success efforts to Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

“Investing in efforts that optimize each step of the customer journey is critical to delivering valuable customer outcomes and increasing NRR,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Executive Vice President of Products and Design at Gainsight. “But businesses struggle to do this at scale given the tremendous breadth of customer, product, sentiment, engagement, and retention data available to them. Horizon AI is a first of its kind artificial intelligence platform which helps businesses harness this breadth of data to optimize customer journey management and is available with all features that Gainsight customers use today.”

Gainsight CX – Powered By Horizon AI

CX Center is amodule in Gainsight that combines data from a number of sources, such as surveys, customer emails and call notes, and uses the power of AI to summarize the most important customer experience signals. Highlights include:

  • Impact Analyzer, whichuses the power of AI to uncover how different drivers (e.g. scorecard measures, customer sentiment) impact business goals like NPS and renewals so businesses can identify which areas of their Customer Success strategy to focus on the most.
  • Topic Explorer, which uses the power of AI to uncover customer sentiment to drive more meaningful actions and improve the customer experience.

Renewal Center – Powered By Horizon AI

Renewal Center is a family of capabilities in Gainsight that combines rich customer success insights with financial and sales data and uses the power of AI to predict renewals, churn, and potential growth. Highlights include:

  • Renewal Likelihood Score, which uses the power of AI to analyze customer success data such as health, engagement, etc., combined with historical and current opportunity data from your CRM to predict how likely an account is to renew.
  • Gainsight Forecast, which uses the power of AI to analyze aggregated renewal likelihood scores and opportunity data to deliver an intelligent renewal forecast prediction.

Adoption Explorer – Powered By Horizon AI

Product usage data can be stored in Adoption Explorer and further analyzed to drive adoption, increase revenue, influence product design, improve customer service, or retain existing customers. The Data Science function in Adoption Explorer allows teams to automatically segment customers based on any usage measure.