How to Successfully Market the Value of a B2B Digital Transformation

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B2B leaders use digital to access information, make informed decisions about their purchases, and interact with suppliers. This transition has been accelerated by Covid-19 and won’t slow down when the pandemic ends. Although it is simple to perceive the shift, there are some challenges in dealing with it.

B2B leaders are looking for practical strategies to expand their businesses in an environment where recent events and the disruptive force of digitalization have upended the status quo. Reports on the most recent data advancement and the introduction of every new technology, in the eyes of B2B growth leaders, are irrelevant. For them, keeping up with every technological advancement is not only impossible but also foolish, especially now when resources are scarce and every investment needs to be carefully considered. B2B growth leaders are curious about the best ways to use the technology that is most pertinent to their clients, industry, and particular growth difficulties.

We’ll go over the last persuasion techniques in this guide to help you make a compelling argument for modernizing your B2B organization’s digital infrastructure.

AI in Action :

The company’s solution for integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, Adobe Sensei, is a perfect example. Many of Adobe’s digital experience solutions include it. The addition of Sensei significantly improved the overall customer experience while automating a number of manual procedures.

“80% of companies employing AI for digital commerce will increase customer satisfaction, revenue, or cost savings by at least 25%.” — Gartner.

Conceiving Cost Savings :

Your biggest cost-cutting obstacle can be maintaining and updating an outdated system. Modernizing your current system lowers operating expenses and gets rid of wasteful procedures for content creation. As a result, resources are made available for use in additional, more fruitful company initiatives.

Your eCommerce Solution Upgrade Will Lower Your Maintenance Costs:

  • It enables simpler maintenance similar to industry-standard software.
  • System integrations are quick and seamless because of architecture that is focused on application programming interfaces (API).
  • Your software is supported by frequent updates, bug fixes, and security patches.
  • Costs like hosting infrastructure upkeep are gone once you switch to a cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Included and ready-to-use our value-added services like firewall security, CDNs, and system performance monitoring.
  • The catalog is longer, therefore there are more things for you to pick from.

Accelerate Revenue Growth :

Even though your legacy platform might manage your company’s daily operations, you will need a more sophisticated feature set to grow your organization into a significant market presence.

You will be able to engage customers in deliciously fresh ways when you modernize your commerce system, which will pave the way for increased site traffic, higher conversion rates, and even bigger AOV increases.

Upgrading your eCommerce platform increases site traffic:

You will have the ability to create engaging digital experiences on a modern platform that encourages users to browse and make purchases more frequently. A wide range of sophisticated features that are designed to draw in and keep clients are abundant in modern eCommerce platforms. These are listed below:

  • Better SEO: Modern systems offer capabilities and automation that make it simpler to generate organic visitors. These capabilities and automation include sitemaps and rich snippets that are generated automatically, URLs that are optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for products and categories, and more.
  • Experiences that are mobile-friendly: User-responsive designs or progressive web applications provide exceptional mobile user experiences, which retain users on your site and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Strong analytics: By showcasing the ROI of a campaign and the effectiveness of a channel, you can improve your marketing operations and draw in the right kind of website visitors.

Increased conversion rates, AOV, and overall sales revenue are results of new commerce capabilities:

You will face difficulty in attracting and retaining visitors to your website. As a result, your e-commerce platform is subpar if it lacks features like personalized purchasing, easy checkout, and more. Flexibility in fulfillment indicates that the race has already been won. Modernized solutions, on the other hand, contain features that raise AOV, conversion rates, and other metrics as well as overall sales. The following are some advantages of turning digital:

  1. Personalized buyer journeys
  2. B2B purchasing tools
  3. Inventory visibility
  4. Flexible fulfillment options
  5. Mobile optimized experiences
  6. Multiple payment options

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