20 Minutes Renews Its Partnership With Outbrain


Outbrain, a leading recommendation platform for the open web, has renewed its partnership with 20 Minutes, one of France’s leading news publishers, via a three year partnership deal. 20 Minutes currently has an audience reach of 20 million users each month, of which 82% are digital. Thanks to the working relationship between the two entities, 20 Minutes and Outbrain have succeeded in increasing performance by 40% in page RPMs.

As it pursues a growth strategy, 20 Minutes is entrusting Outbrain once again with the management and delivery of native ads on all of its pages, with footer, in-feed and sidebar placements, across all media. Outbrain is providing the media owner with its Smartfeed technology, a personalised feed experience powered by artificial intelligence made up of a multitude of organic and sponsored links, including advertising formats such as Click-to-Watch Video, Carousel, and App Install Smartads.

“We have chosen to renew our confidence in Outbrain because we particularly appreciate their rigor, the transparency of their approach to income redistribution, as well as their sense of technological innovation,” said Bruno Latapie, Director of Monetization at 20 Minutes. “We are also very satisfied with the efforts and solutions put in place to guarantee the quality of ads to match our readers’ interests. Outbrain is a reliable partner and our choice to renew this collaboration proves that.”

“We are delighted to renew our collaboration with 20 Minutes. The media group is a true partner and fully trusts our offerings and adopts our innovations,” said Nicolas Ficca, Head of Publishers, France, at Outbrain. “We are continuously looking to work with media owners such as 20 Minutes who combine both the strength of a large media group and the agility of a digital expert.”