Glia Hosts Second Annual Digital Customer Service Summit


The virtual meeting will incorporate speakers from both Glia and its creative customer base, discussions around DCS patterns and force, and updates on Glia’s innovation development. This is an exceptional gathering for DCS business pioneers and specialists to share experiences and best practices, providing examples of how organizations can rehash how they serve clients in a computerized world. In excess of 250 members went to last year’s debut culmination.

Ross Dalzell, managing director and head of business relationships for Barclays and one of the event’s speakers, said, “Investing in Digital Customer Service is a strategic imperative for all financial services companies to deliver convenient experiences and remain competitive both now and into the future. Glia is facilitating a strategic conversation around DCS evolution and trends, and I look forward to sharing more about how digitizing service and support can help enhance, not replace, human connections.”

Highlights from the event will include: Glia’s CEO and co-founder Dan Michaeli’s updates on and predictions around the DCS landscape; discussions with leading banks and credit unions like Barclays and Ascentra Credit Union; a fireside chat with Corrie Carrigan, partner and contact center practice leader at Bain & Company, on her decades of experience in customer service; a deep dive on digital transformation and the contact center from Glia’s lead research analyst Rick DeLisi; and Glia’s DCS technology roadmap from co-founders Justin DiPietro and Carlos Paniagua.

“Last year’s summit delivered fresh and interesting perspectives as well as some actionable tips for how to optimize DCS across my organization,” said Char Sears, AVP and remote experience manager of Unitus Community Credit Union. “Hearing from Glia’s experts and leadership team allowed me to better understand the technology roadmap and the types of innovations on their radar. I look forward to attending the event again this month, as we’ve really seen the benefit and impact of DCS firsthand.”

“We have seen unprecedented growth in the DCS space over the last year, and we don’t expect this momentum to slow anytime soon,” explained Michaeli. “As financial services providers work to propel digital transformation forward, this DCS-focused event will share insights into creating five-star experiences, bringing together some of the industry’s leading professionals. We look forward to collaborating with our clients as we help shape the future of DCS.”