How paid search can complement programmatic display advertising

paid search marketing

As marketers, we all know the importance of landing on the first page, ideally within the first five spots, of a search engine results page (SERP). Moz found that 71% of search traffic clicks on Google come from the first page of results, while some estimates say that is as high as 92%. Either way, you want to be at the top (literally!). 

To ensure your company is hitting the top results, you may already have a search engine optimization strategy in place. However, suppose you’re looking to expand your digital advertising portfolio. In that case, paid search advertising is another great tool to ensure that when consumers are browsing the web, they see your brand first. 

What is paid search marketing?

Paid Search Market gives advertisers the ability to market their product or service across the entire Google & Microsoft ecosystem using powerful audience and keyword intent signals. Search is the most direct response and transaction-oriented advertising channel powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning solutions.

we understand that search doesn’t just happen on Google, instead is happens across the entire customer journey experience, which is why our paid search solutions span across four major categories: 

1. Search 

Search ads are the results displayed at the top of a search page, denoted with the word “ad” next to them. These are ads relevant to the content that the consumer is already browsing and looking to interact with. They are intent-driven and based on keywords, so they are great for driving conversions and revenue. 

2. App Installs

App install paid search advertising is an intent-driven campaign to contextually target users in order to drive app installs on iOS & Android. They allow consumers to download your app from the Google Play or Apple App store directly from the ad itself. 

3. Shopping 

Paid search via shopping ads are keyword-based shopping campaigns that will promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website, Amazon store, or local store, and find better-qualified leads.

4. Display, Native, and Video

Paid search can expand into display, native, and video with visually-driven advertising based on contextual and affinity targeting. This allows advertisers to drive awareness and reach across display, video, and native.