Instoried Becomes the Only Content Creation Platform to Offer an End-to-End Writing Experience


Instoried, an AI-based content intelligence platform, has launched state-of-the-art GPT-3 enabled writing tool to become the sole content creation platform globally to supply features of Spell Check, Grammar Check, Headline generation, Plagiarism Checker, Panel Testing and Tonal & Emotional Analysis Checker, all at one place. Now any content creator can create, edit, analyze, correct and optimize all written content forms using Instoried’s single tool! GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 and is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to supply human-like text.

The all-inclusive Instoried platform will now provide the last word end-to-end writing experience. this may save time for the content creator who wont to earlier create content on one platform, check for Grammar mistakes on another and optimize it on a 3rd platform, by enabling them to try to to all of this on one platform. Personal and professional content writers can enjoy this comprehensive tool. With GPT3 based Headline Generation feature, Instoried’s platform can recommend the right headline for a blog or an email subject line with an impression score to live how likely people are to click on the headline. With the Panel Testing feature, one can prepare feedback for his or her content from up to 10 people before it’s published. Instoried’s new updates will enable the users of the Instoried platform to reinforce their writing and augment the experience for the reader within a couple of minutes.

 “With the addition of our GPT-3 based headline generation and state of the art spelling and grammar checker, Instoried will enable brands, enterprises and freelancers to make more meaningful content in less time that resonates with the audience . Our aim is to make a strong and all-inclusive content tool which will be the entire solution for content writers of all types . we would like to form empathetic communication subsequent revolution in content marketing”.

Instoried’s platform can now amazingly assist you write just about anything that features a written communication structure – social media posts, newsletters or emails. Instoried allows you to specialise in ideation and creativity, while it does all the writing!