Oasis Consortium Launches to Advance Digital Sustainability through Ethical Standards and Technologies for the Metaverse and Web3.0


The Oasis Consortium, an organization of thought leaders across social media, gaming, and dating created to accelerate the development of an ethical Internet, formally launched. Oasis aims to redefine trust in the Internet through a Digital Sustainability Model that focuses on three key pillars: safety, privacy, and inclusion. Oasis works with companies to prioritize trust as they build on and operate in the next version of the Internet by placing digital sustainability at the core of business strategy. Leaders from Agora, dentsu, Fandom, Kuaishou Technologies, The Meet Group, Pandora, Riot Games, Roblox, Wildlife Studios, and others have joined the movement to popularize and drive adoption of shared standards for online safety and ethical branding.

“There is a cyber-attack every 39 seconds. More than 40% of U.S. Internet users have reported online harassment. AI recognizes white-skinned men 34% better than dark-skinned women. The Web2.0 era has led to a loss of trust: our data is breached, our safety is threatened, and technology discriminates against human beings,” said Tiffany Xingyu Wang, President & Co-founder of Oasis Consortium. “To rebuild trust in Web3.0, our digital sustainability framework is founded on the three pillars in line with the underlying movements that shape the next web: Privacy by Design in the rise of the Internet of Things; Safety by Design in the forthcoming metaverse; and Inclusion by Design in the AI-powered semantic web. Brands and platforms that succeed in digital sustainability are shaping a competitive advantage for generations to come.”

Oasis Consortium’s first objective is to launch User Safety Standards by Q4 2021. Guided by the foundational O.A.S.I.S. principles — Openness, Accountability, Security, Innovation, and Sustainability — these User Safety Standards will help organizations avoid ethical pitfalls and chart a sustainable course as their businesses become more deeply involved with the web.

Supporting Testimonials:

“Agora is a pioneer and leader in real-time engagement. Safety is a key function to empowering people to engage more seamlessly,” said Reggie Yativ, Chief Revenue Officer & COO at Agora. “However, online safety needs to be standardized. We’re joining the Oasis initiative to promote a framework that can be successfully applied across a broad digital ecosystem.”

“Companies are increasingly focused on being a force for growth and also a force for good. However, in order to harness digital wellbeing, we need to improve the ecosystem we all work in,” said Angela Johnson, Client Development Officer at dentsu. “That means taking a sustainable and ethical view of their media and communications use. I am passionate about finding connections in the industry and working with Oasis to benefit the brands who care about this topic.”

“As the online climate grows even more charged and toxicity across gaming and entertainment communities is more prevalent than ever, the work Oasis will be doing is more important than ever,” said Brandon Rhea, VP of Community at Fandom. “Trust & Safety is something I’m personally passionate about, and I look forward to finding solutions for these industry-wide issues.”

“Oasis provides a great platform for dialogue between culture and industry, and between the private and public sectors,” said Emma Buttin, TV, New Media & VR Officer at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US. “This dialogue is a crucial element for tackling the social challenges that our global society faces today, and particularly diversity in the gaming industry.”

“Online abuse is more complex and sophisticated than ever,” said Arjun Narayan, Head of Trust & Safety at Kuaishou Technology. “There is an urgent need to develop an industry framework for handling harmful content and conduct online. I’m excited to be a part of the critical work Oasis is doing to align and bring together stakeholders to move the online safety agenda forward.”