PossibleNOW To Provide Access To Telephone Reassignment Database Through Their DNCSolution Telemarketing Compliance Platform


Beta Testing of the FCC-Commissioned RND Will Begin August 1, 2021 for PossibleNOW Customers for Free

PossibleNOW, a leading provider of consumer regulatory compliance, consent and preference management solutions announced that they are launching the Reassigned (Telephone) Numbers Database (RND) service in Beta form on August 1, 2021. Beginning October 1, 2021, the RND, commissioned by the FCC, will become available for production use. This database, administered by SOMOS Inc., will allow Callers and Caller Agents to upload data in a specific format to validate the status of a phone number.

PossibleNOW will provide access to this telephone reassignment database through DNCSolution, its best-in-class telemarketing compliance platform since 2000. Integrating the Reassigned Numbers Database with their DNCSolution will allow PossibleNOW to act as the Caller Agent on behalf of customers.

“We’re excited to launch this RND service in beta form to our customers at no additional cost,” says Scott Frey, President & CEO of PossibleNOW Inc. “We intend on providing a seamless integration to this database to ensure all of our customers are maintaining proper compliance with all federal regulations.”

Both new and existing customers will be eligible for this free RND service while in beta testing. In addition, PossibleNOW will provide a full suite of enhanced services to go along with access to the RND that will help ensure all FCC regulations related to calling landlines, wireless and VOIP numbers are adhered to.