Uberflip unveils Analytics with New features for Improved Results


“There are so many powerful aspects to Enrichment, but two stand out to me in particular,” said Yoav Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of Uberflip. “First, customers don’t need to have a data science background to tap into this granular level of insights. It’s all centralized, accessible and easily manipulated. Second, Enrichment shines light on who is engaging with your content, revealing insights on your buying committee that can strengthen your ABM campaigns.”

This precision represents the next echelon of analytics, through which buyer insights are unlocked at the content level, allowing for better strategies and improved targeting in ABM programs.

“Uberflip Analytics is changing the way we measure success for ABM campaigns,” said Brandon Wittnebel, Director of Marketing, Mobility for Trimble Transportation. “With the new Enrichment capability,we can now see details about how our targeted accounts are interacting with content which is helping us to craft better content and better distribution paths. We are just scratching the surface of what Uberflip Analytics can bring to bear, but it is already having a positive impact on our ABM efforts.”

Enrichment is currently available for Marketo customers, with development underway to release the capability to Eloqua, HubSpot and Pardot users in the near future as well.

In addition to Uberflip Enrichment, the company is releasing app framework updates. The new capabilities grant customers more flexibility and control over Uberflip Marketplace apps. Instead of having to apply a given app to all content streams, customers can now decide which apps should live within which campaigns.

New capabilities being released include:

  • 6sense Tag Manager – Improve content tagging efficiency for ABM campaigns with the ability to serve relevant content based on intent data by adding 6sense attribute tags easily to Uberflip.
  • Stream Internal Name – Improve stream organization and reporting by creating distinct internal stream names designed to support enterprise scale.
  • Salesforce.com Custom Fields – Create reports in Salesforce that show the value of content experiences using Uberflip activity data.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Management Page – Manage CTAs with ease with a redesigned experience that’s significantly faster and easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.