What Are the Benefits of Data-Driven Account-Based Marketing?

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Before using any new marketing approach, it is necessary to evaluate whether it is right for your business. And account-based marketing is no different.

To help you make an informed decision, I’ve listed the key benefits of using a data-driven account-based marketing strategy for your business.

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

One of the significant benefits of deploying an ABM sales strategy is that it keeps your sales and marketing teams aligned.

Improving cross-team collaboration and communication can help you maintain transparency and ensure that both the teams are on the same page. They should focus on achieving the same goals and fulfill their parts.

When a new lead comes in, your sales team will be able to spend more time nurturing a qualified lead instead of wasting time on trying to engage unqualified leads. This can help you increase the average order value and generate more revenue.

Similarly, if a target account’s purchased plan is about to end, your marketing team can engage with them and help them continue the partnership more seamlessly.

Generate Higher Returns on Investment (ROI)

Account-based marketing is all about focusing your marketing efforts on high-value accounts that have the maximum potential of converting into sales.

As you’re targeting specific groups of people instead of large audiences, you are likely to spend less on marketing. But all of your marketing efforts will help put your brand before the right people at the right times.

Running such highly-targeted advertising campaigns can increase your chances of driving conversions and sales. If you power your account-based marketing strategy with intent data, you can generate higher ROI for your marketing initiatives.

Drive More Revenue

Engaging high-value accounts can bring you more benefits in the long run. You will be selecting accounts based on their likelihood to buy your product or services, which will make sales easier.

At the same time, upselling and cross-selling your products and services to your high-value accounts will be easier as well. It can help increase your average order value and generate more revenue for your brand.