Boxlight Wins Multiple Tech & Learning 2021 Awards of Excellence

Multiple Tech

The MimioConnect blended learning stage is intended to improve class coordinated effort and dynamic investment during class exercises. Other than making exercise creation and conveyance basic and direct, MimioConnect has inventive provisions, for example, in-assembled video conferencing, to improve how simultaneous guidance is utilized. Since its turn of events, MimioConnect has won different honors for its development and capacity to assist instructors with adjusting to an assortment of learning circumstances and conditions, including far off and half and half.

The ProColor interactive display is a state-of-the-art touchscreen that motivates teachers and students to engage in learning whether one-to-one, collaborative, or as a whole class. Its bright, clear display and ability to access content from the internet, cloud drives, and via in-built software makes the ProColor a highly engaging technology tool for every grade and ability level. The ProColor also has a selection of classroom software so teachers can create interactive lessons in minutes, as well as highly engaging learning apps in the MimioStore that support key standards including Common Core.

As STEM learning continues to drive classroom interaction, Boxlight’s Robo 3D Printer and MyStemKits curriculum is a complete turnkey solution for teachers beginning or expanding their STEM instruction journey. The Robo 3D is user-friendly, and teachers can use it right out of the box. MyStemKits standards-aligned lessons include hands-on activities and Design Challenges that motivate students to become active participants in not only class projects but apply new understandings and skills to real-world challenges.

Boxlight-EOS Education, our Professional Development division, continues to develop research-based content to help teachers support student learning. Their focus on showing teachers how to best use technology to maximize learning opportunities and grow not only their own but also student skills has helped schools and districts become more adept at addressing educational challenges. Boxlight-EOS Education teacher professional development offerings also include strategies for helping teachers support social-emotional skills which is imperative in our ever-changing educational climate.

“As we head into another uncertain year in education, technology will continue to be one of the key drivers for innovation,” says Tech & Learning Group Publisher Christine Weiser. “Our judges chose the winning products recognized here for their versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction. Congratulations to all of our winners.”

Boxlight is excited that prestigious organizations such as Tech & Learning continue to recognize the value of dynamic and cutting-edge solutions such as MimioConnect blended learning platform, ProColor interactive display, Robo 3D printer & MyStemKits curriculum, and Boxlight-EOS Education Professional Development. We endeavor to provide educators with a rich portfolio of turnkey solutions to empower both teachers and students to advance their skills and build confidence in their abilities with educational technology.