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Cloud-based security automation with SD-WAN

Enterprises are seeking easier ways to integrate and manage their applications across their WAN and security infrastructure.’One of the best ways to simplify the operation of cloud-based security services at branch sites is to leverage automation with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN. EdgeConnect uses application programmable interfaces (APIs) and third-party service orchestration to integrate with the leading cloud security providers, including ZScaler, Check Point, NetSkope, and Palo Alto Prisma Access.
The Aruba Orchestrator validates the cloud security credentials to connect and then automates or orchestrates the process of connecting branch locations in the SD-WAN fabric to the closest primary and optional secondary cloud security enforcement PoPs.
Security policy configuration is a simple drag-and-drop action from the intuitive Aruba Orchestrator user interface, enabling organizations to specify a set of security policies to be applied to all branch locations in a single action.

Flexibility & freedom of choice

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, enterprises must retain the agility to be agile when adopting new security solutions quickly and cost-effectively. They should evaluate platforms that offer the freedom of choice to integrate best-of-breed networks and security solutions. They can then avoid being locked into proprietary single-vendor solutions or having to settle for basic features and capabilities.
The Aruba EdgeConnect business-driven SD-WAN platform is a key pillar of a best-of-breed SASE architecture, providing the ability to integrate a best-in-class SD-WAN platform with a variety of best-in-class cloud-delivered security services. Aruba EdgeConnect supports the foundational security functions required at the branch and complements cloud-delivered security to deliver a seamless secure access service edge across the entire enterprise.

ClearPass: Securing loT with advanced SD-WAN

Mobile phones, Lupcops, and 01 tickets can be secured with ZTNA software agents; however, security software agents cannot be installed on loT devices since they are agentless. This presents a security challenge that SASE does not directly address.
An Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform can reduce the risk associated with breaches when deploying loT devices. The EdgeConnect platform identifies and classifies application traffic on the first packet, intercepts it at the network edge, and can assign it to an appropriate segment. This coarse-grained segmentation secures it from other traffic on the network.
ClearPass integration with EdgeConnect augments application intelligence with the user and device identity and role-based policy, enabling even finer-grained segmentation. The additional identity-based context enables consistent security policy enforcement that can be enforced network-wide, from the edge to the cloud.

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